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DEVOTIONS, Catholic Books, Music and Souvenir Shops


Devotions Catholic Bookshop was one of the first Catholic Bookshops to open in Medjugorje, offering a wide range of Catholic books, music and videos.


We have expanded our range of Medjugorje Souvenirs (Crystal, Rosaries, Statues, DVD’s, Medals and much more). Now we have three bookshops that are located in the surroundings of St. James Parish Church.

In our stores you will find a great variety of Catholic Books in ten different languages Croatian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Vlams, Czechs and Korean.

We offer a variety of more than 3000 different bestselling titles, including books on Medjugorje and also the latest Catholic book titles.

In our Audio/visual section you will find well known Catholic albums and videos from artists like Marilla Ness, Michael O’Brian, Dana, Melinda and many more.

There is also a huge variety of spoken  and meditation albums on Medjugorje and other Religious topics from different speakers like Sr. Emmanuel, Fulton J. Sheen, Briege McKenna, Zlatko Sudac and many more.  

Looking forward to meeting you in our bookshops.

Yours truly,

Drago Martinovic


Krstine b.b.

Medjugorje 88266

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe


Tel./Fax: ++387 36 651 497

GSM:     ++387 63 377 497


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