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Medjugorje, quite small village, lost among the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is situated in the western Herzegovina inhabited by Croatian Catholics. Unknown in its own land up to recently, it has now become one of the best known and most visited places in the world. According to the statements of our tourist representatives and news papers correspondents throughout the world, Medjugorje is today certainly the best known and most frequently mentioned place. People of all nations and classes have been and are still coming there. What has happened, than, to make this whole world suddenly turn to this place?

What has it become so appealing now?

What has happened and what is still going on are the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since June 24, 1981 she has been appearing every day. The visionaries are six young people who under oath persistently testify all the time that the Blessed Virgin Mary or Gospa, as local people call her, - is appearing to them.


What where the first day like?


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